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Packaging Design

Good packaging

design should reflect

the aspirations of

potential customers.

Packaging Solutions

Well designed packaging should stand out on a shelf, on a website or in a catalogue. It should reflect your brand values and communicate your message and product effectively.

The right packaging with the right message and design will rise above the competition, so that your product can compete in the marketplace with established brands and the abundance of new products that are continually being introduced. Packaging is used as a significant marketing tool to draw the attention of customers.

At Creation we can design a range of packaging requirements using the most appropriate materials - vac forming, acrylic fabrication, card engineering, outer carton design, containment protection and delivery solutions. We can create effective graphics that will co-ordinate with your branding and display your product in the best light possible.

Visual Communication

We can supply you with visual concepts, mock-ups and prototypes of your product, encorporating packaging ideas such as blister packs, folding outer cartons and using graphic applications to give you the feel and appearance of the new packaging design.

We would then finalise the successful designs, working drawings and artwork, with attention to detail, before production.

Packaging Design

Attractive packaging design along with card engineering is essential for the look of the final product. We excel in both traditional and digital creative concepts and our knowledge of packaging materials means we can maintain quality control from start to finish.

Prototypes & Mock-ups

Before starting the print and production process, we can help bring your packaging concepts to life. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide all sorts of prototypes and mock-ups from blister packs to merchandisers using card engineering.


Effective packaging design will give potential customers confidence in your brand and your product. Successful co-ordinated packaging will create the desired impact while inspiring confidence and loyalty.


Packaging design should clearly communicate what the product is and why people should buy it. The outer packaging or carton will provide the required protection and can also involve stunning graphics for display purposes.