We create impact with

Large Format Print

Draw attention

and drive awareness

of your products

and services.

Make a Big Impact

Large format print gives you great opportunities to create impactful, eye catching and dramatic presentations of your messages. Get your messages noticed, with stunning high resolution large format graphics, printed and finished to perfection.

At Creation Design Solutions we have more than 25 years experience of large format design and printing projects. We design to create interest and impact, to grab the attention of the viewer. We are experts in creating large format artwork, so that there are no unforeseen glitches or pixelated images, and we can advise on the best print mediums, such as large format digital printing or screen printing for larger runs. We can also advise on the best substrates and materials to use for your project, such as foamex, dibond, pvc banners, vinyl or fabric.

Visual Communication

There is virtually a limitless number of ways to use large format prints – from window displays, hanging signs and banners to striking graphics mounted on cars, walls and floors. We also offer exhibition graphics, building wraps, hoardings and billboards.

Whatever your large format print requirements are, you can be sure of high quality display graphics, designed to create impact and printed in high resolution.

Design & Artwork

Whether it’s a giant banner or an event backdrop, large format printing presents unique challenges for designers. We know the requirements for large format graphics, and we stay focused on acheiving the maximum impact and attention to achieve high quality printing.

Giant Banners

Get real impact and attention for your messages with super sized banners. We can manage print sizes of up to 3 metres wide by any length. Banners can also be welded together to achieve virtually any size that you need.

Retail Display

Large format digital print is ideal for creating great retail graphics and promotional displays. With years of experience at producing large vinyls and panels - for walls, floors and windows, we can create eye-catching impact to draw in customers.

Large Format Displays

We can print onto virtually any material up to 10mm thick and cut large format print into virtually any shape. We can also produce high impact low-cost outdoor advertising hoardings and building wraps.