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Heritage Interpretation

The aim of

interpretation is to

improve and enrich the

visitor experience.

Mediation Design

Creation are dedicated to developing a structured approach to interpreting stories, messages and information at museums, historic sites, parks, art galleries, zoos, botanical gardens, nature reserves and a host of other heritage sites.

Our work with the National Trust and local councils has given us a great deal of experience in providing heritage interpretation projects to communicate information about the nature, origin, and purpose of historical, natural, or cultural resources, objects and sites.

If you have a story to tell, or an education to impart, we would be delighted to help with your communication strategy. Heritage sites and areas of natural beauty all have information and experiences to give their visitors. With our expertise in 'Design for Learning' and 'Tourism Management' we can help with innovative ways to creatively and clearly communicate with visitors and to provide them with a more rewarding and educational experience.

Visual Communication

Let us advise and present proposals to help your visitors get the most out of their visit.

Initially we would like to get a good understanding of your projects and objectives, before preparing concepts and design proposals. We offer a full heritage interpretation service to communicate the significance of what your visitors are seeing , touching and experiencing. This may involve site surveys, production of interpretation panels, signage and wayfarer markers, visitor centre displays, or interactive displays, activity packs, supporting guides, maps, leaflets and literature. Your situation, environment, strategy and objectives will help determine the best solutions.

Panels & Signage

Either indoor or outdoor, panels and signs will enhance visitor appreciation, and promote a better understanding by communicating significant ideas to visitors. Designed with creativity to tell your story and produced in stunning high resolution.

Support Literature

Creatively designed guides, illustrated maps, activity packs and leaflets to transform information into learning, engagement and understanding. Total quality care ensures that your support literature is produced and printed perfectly. We also like to encourage printing onto 100% recycled paper stocks.


Offer your visitors a rewarding experience and the opportunity to interact with your stories, information, exhibits and sights. Visitors enjoy using touch tables and interactive displays which help to promote engagement and learning. We offer content creation services and a full support network for a range of touch tables and interactive displays.

Audio & Visual

Ignite all of your visitors senses to give them more informative and stimulating experiences. Projections of changing images and audio stimuli can set the scene to give visitors a greater feel for the atmosphere and experiences of your attraction, or you may like to offer audio presentations or guided tours.