We provide

Graphic Design Solutions

We believe

graphic design

should be intelligent

and imaginative.

The Creative Process

Graphic design assembles information and branding using artistic layout. There are many facets to consider - photography, typography, illustration, colours, style and content are all vitally important in how your messages are visually communicated and perceived.

We've applied our years of experience to establish a small, efficient and effective service, that provides high quality graphic design solutions at competitive prices.

Having first gained a good understanding of your project's aims and objectives we can convey your message with impact and clarity. We can work within your current brand guidelines or help you develop new branding and styles.

Initial design concepts will give you a view of the visual impressions and choices of direction for your project. After consultation with yourselves we can then develop the designs to give you innovative and creative graphics, creating impact and stimulating action and response from the desired target audience.

Visual Communication

Whether we are designing graphics for brochures, leaflets, pop-up banners, exhibitions and signage solutions, or co-ordinating projects using multiple media, we can communicate your messages through clever choices of colours, typographical styles, impressive photography or digital and traditional illustrations in a full range of styles.

All of this communicated with perfect finished artwork to ensure that all items are printed or digitally formatted exactly as intended.


It is often said that images speak louder than words. Our photography service provides high quality and stunning imagery which can transform your message and provide immediate impact.


Typography is the art, craft and techniques of type design. Creation can create custom typography designs with your brand, message and specific audience in mind.


Creation can produce any type of illustration, from black and white to full colour or from computerised digital illustrations to traditionally hand drawn, in a range of illustrative styles.

Brand Guidelines

We are experienced at maintaining a strong brand identity for our clients. Consistancy is the key and brand guidelines lay down the ground rules for your communication.