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Unique Display Design

Display is one of the best tools you have for presenting a great impression. Whether it is part of an exhibition, at the point of sale or for an awareness campaign, a display space is a great opportunity to draw the attention of your target audience.

Great display can be a striking three dimensional arrangement, or stunning large format graphics, or it may involve card engineering, cut out shapes or product merchandisers. Displays can bring your whole proposal to life, creating interest and conveying information to the viewer, or listener - if your displays involve audio visual and interactive presentations.

We are graphic designers with more than 25 years experience as specialists in display design and large format graphics. Our expertise can be used to your advantage. We understand the practicalities of the production process and the materials used. We design to create maximum impact, while remaining cost-efficient and practical at all times.

Our aim is simple, to provide great concepts, stunning displays and graphics, efficiently produced on the most suitable materials and distributed or installed exactly where and when you require.

Visual Communication

We can supply printed graphic panels, vinyls and posters, as well as systems to hold graphics, within your display environment. We specialise in both indoor and outdoor weatherproof displays and can provide your graphics on a wide range of substrates.

We can also design 3D displays in a range of materials, or your requirement may be for a simple poster and A-frame display. You may require vinyl window graphics, shaped cut graphics, floor vinyls, large wall coverings or portable roller banners. There are a wide range of display systems that we could offer, including modular systems.

Bespoke Display

Creation can work with your existing display spaces, or help you to develop custom built display areas. Our design processes allow your display to stand out, delivering experiences that physically and visually engage your visitor or customer.

Display Graphics

For more than 25 years Creation has designed high quality, stunning and intelligent graphic displays for the retail and leisure environments. The appearance of your display is vital for attracting attention, and graphic design plays a crucial part in achieveing the overall look and feel of your presentation.

3D Display

Effective displays are essential for attracting interest or driving sales. We print onto almost any material, cut to any shape and size to create 3D structures that grab attention, increase brand awareness and guide customers in-store and inspire them to purchase.

Portable Display

Flexible and versatile modular display solution, to bridge the gap between simple roller banners and pop-up displays. We offer cost effective solutions that are simple to put together and dismantle, which is ideal for storage and transportation.